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Twinline Video  


Install: Intro  


Flow Series (Corner) - Shower Door: [Demonstration with CPL408]  

Applies to: CPL408

Flow Series (Alcove Tub) - Shower Door: [Demonstration with CPL408T]  

Applies to: CPL408T

Yarra Series (Walk-In) - Shower: [Demonstration with CPY631]  

Applies to: CPY630, CPY631

Shower Base [Demonstration with 36BB36]  

Applies to: 36BB36, 36RB36/38/40, 36NB36/38/40/42, 68232, 68936

Winston Series [Demonstration with 9621]  

Applies to: 9620, 9621, 9640

Winston Series [Demonstration with 9644T]  

Applies to: 9644, 9644T, 9644L

Alexander Series [Demonstration with 9725]  

Applies to: 9718, 9725, 9731

Alexander Series [Demonstration with 9749]  

Applies to: 9748/L, 9749

Flora Series [Demonstration with 2026A]  

Applies to: 2026A, 2042TE

Flora Series [Demonstration with 2042E]  

Applies to: 2042E, 2042TE

Contractor Series [Demonstration with CPV301]  

Applies to: CPV301

Contractor Series [Demonstration with FGC201]  

Applies to: FGC201

Troubleshooting I  

Water leaks from under the door.

Troubleshooting II  

Water leaks between the glass and the frame.

Troubleshooting III  

Shower enclosure does not fit square into one piece acrylic unit.

Troubleshooting IV  

Gap between door and base.

Troubleshooting V  

Magnets do not hold tightly.

Troubleshooting VI  

Missing parts and all additional inquiries.